So, I'm sort of seeing someone which is very new to me. Ok, not super new, but I've been single a while and I was a very different person the last time round. When they say 'we work with what we can get' in The Cabin in the Woods? That's me.
  1. I like him an increasing amount and he seems to like me.
    We have a crazy amount in common. (Except he's never seen The West Wing which seems bizarre to me!)
  2. We haven't kissed yet which is driving me nuts, but it'll happen.
    See my earlier list.
  3. Having always assumed I'm the nervy one in this kind of situation, it confuses me that he might be nervous too. He sometimes seems more unsure than he needs to be, but I guess so am I?
    He once apologised in case I found our date boring (he cooked for me and we watched the Olympics), and told me to always let him know if I'm bored so he can fix it. I had a great time!
  4. He works weird hours and he sucks at replying to texts as quickly as I'd like, but he makes up for it in person massively by being very considerate and quite sweet.
  5. It just occurred to me that he hardly ever has weekends off but I've seen him for one of those days for the last three weekends he's had off.
  6. But, when people say to me 'hey, you're going out with this guy', I still feel an urge to go 'er, well, I don't know about that' like some kind of commitment phobe who hasn't worked out what 'we' are.
    But I do like the idea of a 'we'.
  7. And I've realised that having been cheated on and lied to a lot in my last relationship, it has affected my ability to trust which sucks.
    You shouldn't let your past affect your future, right?
  8. But, it's also really nice spending time with someone new. Someone who seems pretty cool and just maybe might think I'm cool too?