1. We watched a movie, but when I say we watched it, we paused it a ton to talk.
    The 2 hour film turned into 3.
  2. He's sounding croaky.
    The health problems, I guess? He didn't like to talk about it.
  3. He was hugely sympathetic of my friend emigrating.
    He's heard a lot of the back story.
  4. And encouraged me to go to the doctor ASAP about my persistent cough.
  5. I showed him some of my published work.
    He's read some of the online stuff but hasn't read the magazines I'm in, before.
  6. And then he borrowed the book I have a chapter in.
  7. That chapter is the most intensely personal thing I've ever had published.
    It's about how The West Wing's portrayal of PTSD helped me after my dad died (thanks again @bookishclaire for the opportunity!)
  8. It's baring my soul a little.
    Ok, a lot. He knows I struggled but we never talked details.
  9. There's a decent chance I'll see him next weekend.
    The plan is the cinema or go to his place to watch his choice of film.
  10. It was a good evening.