After a few fairly rough weeks, this one was calm ish.
  1. Sure, there was a trip to the vet's for Scrappy, the guinea pig.
    She has an abscess. It's been drained and she's on antibiotics now. Might I recommend never witnessing a large abscess being drained because EWW.
  2. My mum is still pretty bad.
  3. And I had to use my 'rescue' inhaler a few times.
    Stupid rain/cold weather.
  4. BUT, some of it was good.
  5. I've hopefully gained a pretty cool new work contract.
    Submitted the first piece of work today with hopefully many more to come.
  6. I met up with a friend for lunch and had a great time.
    2 for 1 on non-alcoholic cocktails was great too.
  7. B had the first week of his law course, and it didn't stress him too badly.
    We managed little chats every day, except Tuesday.
  8. So yeah, taking the little victories where I can!