Not that relationships, friends or otherwise, should be about 'earning' points, but B earned many this week.
  1. Tuesday night, I texted him about having asthma.
    He was at work so I expected a brief reply if anything.
  2. When he got back from work (gone 10pm), he texted some light hearted stuff about it.
    Joking how you get a jacket and badge for joining the asthma club.
  3. That was fine.
    He has asthma and a lot worse. I didn't really expect sympathy from him. I was fine with humour as a defence mechanism.
  4. Then he switched.
    Said how he was really sorry and that it sucked, but hopefully it means I'll feel better really soon.
  5. And I realised that's what I'd needed all day.
    Not someone to act like the world was ending. Not someone that was dismissive, like it's nothing. Someone who acknowledged it sucked for me and that I was right to feel a little crappy.
  6. I felt good about that and he went quiet for a bit.
    It was nearly midnight, so that made sense. He'd said what I needed really.
  7. Then he texted again.
  8. He'd read the chapter in the book.
    Where I'd explained how much my Dad's death has messed me up. How I'd stay awake all night sometimes, scared of falling asleep. How ambulance sirens still made me twitchy.
  9. And B was so great about it.
    An instant reminder why I trusted him with the book.
  10. Hugely sympathetic but honest in that he admitted he didn't know how much it had affected me.
    No surprise there. He didn't know me back then and I've only briefly told him stuff.
  11. He pointed out that it made perfect sense to him to feel like that.
    And felt bad for me that I'd felt judged back then.
  12. And then he raved about what a great writer I am.
    How I should write more and more.
  13. I wasn't touting for compliments.
    He could have just said it was good but nope. He really threw himself in.
  14. It was getting late so I said I'd better try to master the inhaler and get some sleep.
  15. He turned super sweet and reminded me how it'll be worth it and I'll feel so much better soon.
    And twice told me to sleep well. With plenty of care.
  16. I went to bed and laid there. Smiling to myself.
  17. And realised the best word for how I felt after that exchange was 'loved'.
    As a friend, presumably. Either way, it felt really good.
  18. It was just what I needed after a crappy day.