1. I went to visit a family friend who's just had a baby.
  2. It was nice to see the friend as I've not seen her in a while.
  3. I took my mum as she's friends with her too.
  4. My mum ended up holding the baby for a while as the friend needed to eat lunch.
  5. The baby was fine.
  6. That kind of fine like when you meet a friend's new partner and you think 'yeah, not my kind of thing but they're happy so yay!'
  7. I'd kind of wondered if this would be the time my biological clock kicked in.
  8. I'm 32. It's meant to happen by now, right?
  9. I can't quite imagine a distant future without there being a bustling house of teenagers.
  10. But babies and all that other stuff?
  11. I feel so young! Too young!
  12. I got in the car to drive my Mum home and thought about it.
  13. She broke the silence.
  14. 'I definitely haven't got to the 'grandparent' stage'
  15. Phew.