Childhood Crushes 💘

Ohhh, so many. Often inappropriately aged.
  1. Captain James T Kirk
    Mildly embarrassed by this? Ohhh, yes.
  2. Dogtanian
    Very embarrassed? Ohhhhhhh, yes.
  3. Gene Kelly
  4. David Duchovny
  5. Alan Shearer
  6. Billy Crystal
    Just in When Harry Met Sally
  7. Colin Firth
    This one stuck.
  8. Josh Lyman/Bradley Whitford
    This one reallllllly stuck. From the age of 15 onwards.
  9. Chandler Bing
    I used to think that meant I had a crush on Matthew Perry. Actually, nah, just Chandler. I'd kiss a poster of him every night before I went to bed. Always a fan of the broken ones!
  10. Robert Carlyle
    Mostly in Hamish Macbeth. The Full Monty helped though.