Because I felt like telling someone?
  1. B and Sam the cat really hit it off, even though Sam is usually scared of new people, and I thought B didn't like cats.
  2. At one point, B looked at Sam very seriously and asked him to tell him all about his mother and father, and whether he had any brothers or sisters.
    It was very cute as Sam appeared to be listening intently, then promptly miaowed an answer at him.
  3. I'm constantly surprised at what B remembers about me and my family.
    He remembered where my Dad was stationed in the army, and details about my parents' wedding. I don't even remember telling him these things!
  4. That's probably it. For now.
  5. According to friends, this and some other stuff is a neon sign that he likes me.
    Maybe I should get one of them to act as our intermediary? 😃