It's Friday morning. I'm sitting here still trying to get my head around the past seven days. Here are the 'highlights'
  1. Last Friday morning - My Mum's cardiology appointment.
    It was meant to be routine. Instead, she was told she has an enlarged aorta/aneurysm that needs to be monitored. She might need it operating on.
  2. The rest of Friday was busy.
    I went to the gym and realised I was feeling a bit ropey for it. I went to lunch with my mum but we were both subdued.
  3. Friday evening, I noticed one of my guinea pigs seemed a bit quiet and not herself.
    My favourite one at that.
  4. Saturday. Ugh, Saturday.
  5. Tigger the guinea pig was indeed dying.
    She spent most of the day in a coma before finally taking her last breath that evening.
  6. I still went to see my ex.
  7. We had a great time.
  8. Then he told me how he might have cancer.
    Tests next Monday.
  9. It didn't sound great.
    It's continued to play on my mind. Obviously.
  10. A few days later, I offered to go with him.
    He was grateful but a parent is already going instead.
  11. We've had weird almost conversations all week.
    He'll text and ask how I am. I'll tell him. He'll ask a question then never reply when I ask how he is.
  12. I told a doctor friend his symptoms. She wasn't reassuring.
  13. My mum had a colonoscopy to take biopsies on Thursday.
    Run of the mill, right?
  14. Not for my mum.
    Last time, her blood pressure went dangerously low and everything turned rather dangerous.
  15. She's been understandably very stressed.
    So have I.
  16. This time round, she had a reaction to the sedative.
  17. She spent all of Thursday either in bed or vomiting.
    It still felt worrying.
  18. She's still in bed now.
    She hasn't eaten since Tuesday. It's going to take her ages to rebuild. Her Crohn's means it takes her a lot longer to recover from things.
  19. I'm really tired.