Eating my way through my week off.

  1. Saturday.
    Jackfruit and chickpea souvlaki in pitta bread, as cooked by talented friends.
  2. Sunday
    Pollo ad Astra from Pizza Express. Chicken, onions, sweet peppers, and Cajun spices.
  3. Monday.
    Vegetarian brunch from Croeso Lounge. Swapped the fried egg for extra hash browns.
  4. Tuesday
    Chicken finger BLT with honey mustard mayo from TGI Friday's.
  5. Wednesday
    Chicken tacos from Las Iguanas.
  6. Thursday
    Chicken burger with ranch dressing, fries, and a side of mac n cheese. Need all the carbs to keep awake for the election results tonight!
  7. Friday
    Chicken burrito with fries and apple slaw from Croeso Lounge. Big disappointment. 🙁
  8. Saturday
    Buttermilk chicken burger with Mac n cheese on top. Forgot to take a photo then halfway through realised the middle was pink and bloody. 😱