Favourite Josh Lyman Gifs I've Made

Ohhh, this was tough. I enjoyed being so shallow. In no particular order...
  1. The first time we see Josh. He's slumped over his desk and looks a bit of an adorable mess. Also around the time, I questioned if it was wise to find the disheveled mess look so attractive. (Maybe not but it's certainly my type)
  2. Bradley Whitford does physical comedy brilliantly. This moment makes me laugh every time.
  3. I'm a big fan of the Josh Lyman swagger, OK?
  4. The many sad looks of Josh affect me greatly. The moment where Donna finally regains consciousness is heartbreakingly sweet. It's safe to say the hurt puppy dog eyes would work far too well on me.
  5. For a serious show, The West Wing has some great humorous moments. Josh drunkenly gesticulating wildly during The Supremes is a delight.
  6. I have no idea where Josh would ever find the time to work out, but I'm immensely grateful that Bradley Whitford clearly spent plenty of time at the gym.
  7. Because everyone wants a loved one say this to them, while looking so adoring, surely?!
  8. I wasn't a fan of Amy, but she did bring out some fantastic gazes.
  9. Talking of lovely gazes, isn't this look directed at Donna just wonderful?
  10. Fun fact - I had to have some dental work done which was painful and unpleasant. Mid way through - my brain decided to visualise this moment. Not ideal! (Soulful eyes though)
  11. Passionate Josh is one of the best kinds of Josh.
  12. Bradley Whitford nods so quickly in this scene that it was tough to make a GIF of without it looking like he didn't move. I like it though.
  13. Josh and Donna finally kissing? Yes, please! Wonderfully delicate, sweet, yet increasingly passionate.
  14. Look, the just kissed look appeals to my extra shallow side.
  15. Because no one can wear a tuxedo quite like Josh Lyman.