Five photos from my Camera Roll that sum me up (maybe too) well.

  1. A screenshot of Bradley Whitford and Lin-Manuel Miranda. It sums up two different loves really.
  2. I really like food, ok? Especially pasta. Also, Mexican food, chocolate, cake, curry....lots of stuff.
  3. My two Guinea pigs - Sally and Tigger. They're vandals in cute, fluffy form.
  4. Politics. A very big deal for me. I hope to one day become more than just a bystander (and enthusiastic voter).
  5. Cinema. Everything about it. From hard hitting true stories that make me angry at the injustices in the world and determined to change things, to dumb mindless comedies that prove to be utterly forgettable. I love reading scripts, reading idle gossip, and I love awards season.
  6. Bonus - Cocktails. I really like cocktails.