1. So, unusually, B has suggested what we could do Friday, already.
    Usually, we discuss it the day before, he has no idea and then I decide.
  2. He wants to go to the cinema, which is normally great by me.
  3. He wants to see Alien Covenant.
    We said last month that we'd go see it but I saw it with my mum because I didn't realise he'd actually keep to his promise!
  4. I'm fine to see it a second time.
    And I won't tell him I've already seen it.
  5. But...
  6. I wanted some more private time with him.
    Ok, I just want to kiss him. While knowing it might all go very wrong.
  7. We both tend to actually watch films at the cinema.
    We talk through them at home but we're not monsters in public!
  8. And the cinema seats aren't that close together.
    Stupid spacious cinema.
  9. So, will I get my chance?
  10. There's always when we say goodbye.
    We always hug goodbye. I adore the hugs.
  11. But that's in a public place.
  12. What if it's a disaster?
    And then our last moment together is an unwanted kiss?!
  13. I'd feel awful leaving it like that!
  14. What to do. 🤔
  15. I could go for a soft/brief kiss goodbye?
    Then if it all goes wrong, just act like nothing happened?