Somehow, it's been a week since I kissed B. It feels like it's been a looooong week.
  1. We've talked a couple of times since.
  2. Once about politics.
  3. Another time just about random bits and pieces.
  4. It's maybe slightly less than we've talked in recent weeks but I think we're ok.
    I immediately feel like I'm tempting fate by saying that!
  5. He's had a bad week, and I've felt like I shouldn't be trying too hard.
    Playing it cool, right?
  6. I've talked about it with some trusted friends and my mum.
  7. And I've learned more about his health woes.
  8. Yup, he needs a good friend.
    A friend that doesn't put huge expectations on him.
  9. I probably did jump the gun a bit.
    What can I say? I liked kissing him. And I think he did too.
  10. I'm learning a lot about the importance of timing when you meet someone special.
    It's not in my favour right now.
  11. And I've even pieced some stuff together regarding the out of the blue breakup last year.
  12. Wonder what the future holds?
  13. (Oh, and even though he looks less like Joseph Gordon Levitt now he's sick, I think he's ruined all JGL films for me. Maybe I should try reclaiming them?) Psst - it's all in his eyes.
  14. A friend summed it up well yesterday.
    'You two seem to be in a relationship. It's just not quite the relationship you want to be in.'