I felt in need of a day where I could genuinely think 'that was a good day', even though I slept badly and wasn't feeling great.
  1. He arrived at the cinema a couple of minutes late and instantly apologised.
  2. In the cinema queue, he proudly exclaimed he had vouchers so I didn't have to pay.
  3. He commented on how I'd had my hair cut and how it looked great. How it framed my face.
  4. We talked about his health and my mum's health before the film.
  5. He showed great concern for my mum's health.
  6. I showed relief for his.
  7. The film was great.
    He teased me about liking the 'old' guy in it then admitted he was a good looking guy for an 'older man'.
  8. We kept leaning in close to whisper stuff to each other.
    Sorry, people behind us. Yes, we suck.
  9. We headed for coffee after the film.
  10. Starbucks was closed so we went to a different coffee place.
  11. It was the place we had our first date.
  12. The server seated us at a small table with a candle adding to the romantic mood.
    It was all very effortless and easy. He joked how he was being a gentleman for letting me sit first. When I went to buy the drinks, the server called him a gentleman so I teased him about that and he laughed his booming laugh.
  13. The candle made me notice his lovely eyes all the more.
  14. We talked for a couple of hours.
    The film, politics, views on the world, tv shows, work.
  15. We exchanged stories of horrible exes.
    He had an emotionally manipulative one that made him avoid saying how he felt about anything. I had one who stole money from me.
  16. We talked about his future. How he wants to become a lawyer.
    I teased him about how it'd change him into a capitalist Tory. He told me to tell him if he ever turned into a Tory.
  17. He said how he needed to get a lodger for his house soon.
    I joked I could take the spare room and bring my huge tv. We laughed and he envied the 4K TV.
  18. When we left, he walked me back to my car.
  19. Walking back to the car, we talked about how when guinea pigs get lonely, they stop eating.
    He said he knows how that feels sometimes. I told him to make sure he eats.
  20. He gave me a big hug goodbye and apologised we hadn't seen each other sooner.
    Said we'd have to meet up again earlier than last time.
  21. I got in my car and felt so happy I'd had a great time out.
    I felt looked after, cared about, and safe.
  22. The catch?
  23. He's my ex.
  24. Having thought about it, that was my second best date with him.
    That's not good really as it wasn't a date. Despite feeling exactly like one.