And it missed?
  1. So, I wasn't entirely confident I'd get the nerve to kiss B.
    I hoped I would but I'm a wimp.
  2. It sounds crazy but he made this really obscure in joke during the movie.
    The kind that made me think 'yeah, you get me!' In an amazing way.
  3. That was when I decided I had to know.
  4. I waited till after the movie and after we had coffee together.
  5. He walked me to my car.
  6. He swooped in to hug me goodbye.
    I hugged him back.
  7. Then I pulled him back in for another hug.
  8. That was when I kissed him.
    Briefly but on the lips. The intent clear.
  9. He didn't pull away.
    He stuttered and acted flustered. Like Hugh Grant in a rom com.
  10. He left, saying how he'd see me in a week or two.
  11. Not bad, eh?
  12. We got talking via text.
  13. I won't go into detail but he reckons he didn't mean to lead me on or send mixed signals.
    Unintentional because it's just chemistry IMO.
  14. But we're going to be friends.
    That could work. Whether it could work when one of us starts dating, that's another question.
  15. And I think we're ok?
    I hope so at least!
  16. And I got home and told my mum all about it.
    After having to pick up the pieces last time, she's not hugely keen on him.
  17. Her reaction?
    'Noooo! You make the ill advised move in a few months time. After his op! Not before!'
  18. Seems she's now rooting for us.
    Supposedly, our chemistry is too good. She could tell by how we moved around each other last week, and we have our 'own language' when we talk. She's probably right.
  19. But I'm not going to wait around and I need to move on.
    While hopefully keeping our friendship? He means a lot.
  20. It's all so very messy!
  21. I've cried a lot, but I feel pretty good for trying.
    In control.
  22. See what the future brings?
    My main concern is that we're not awkward around each other.