1. I texted the ex/my friend Sunday night to wish him well for his hospital tests on Monday.
    We exchanged a few friendly messages. He said he'd let me know how it went. Knew that I cared a lot etc.
  2. I texted Tuesday night to see how it went.
  3. Nothing.
  4. It's Thursday night.
    Still nothing.
  5. We haven't been this long out of touch since we've been talking again.
  6. I'm worried.
    There was a chance he'd find out some results immediately. Only if they were really bad though.
  7. He's not normally this quiet.
    It's really out of character.
  8. He wasn't going to be busy with anything else this week.
  9. I'm going to text him on Saturday.
    Say I'm worried and ask if he's ok.
  10. What if he still doesn't reply?
  11. He only lives 10 minutes drive away.
    When's too soon to knock on his door?