1. The first love and Good Will Hunting
    A Netflix and Chill moment long before Netflix existed. I didn't see much of the film. In hindsight, the film was worth my time much more so than the guy. Later, we'd watch Top Gun and he whispered each line of the film in my ear. He thought it was more endearing than it actually was.
  2. The cheat and 10 Things I Hate About You
    He was charming and fun and had wonderfully sad brown eyes. A long distance relationship, it was all fairly fiery and passionate till he ended up cheating on me and breaking my heart. I still love the film, though.
  3. The current boy and Steve Jobs
    Asking me to come over and watch an Aaron Sorkin film was always going to be a sure fire hit. We watched the film and discussed it in depth afterwards. We walked his dogs before he walked me to my car and shyly kissed me goodbye. It was adorable. I'm hoping he doesn't break my heart, but I'll always love that film.