So, I'm seeing B this Friday afternoon. I don't know what we're doing yet. Maybe more movies and snuggles under a blanket? But it's meant to be great weather that day, so maybe not. A walk seems less intimate than I would like, though...
  1. I've decided I need to know what we are, though.
    I'll go insane otherwise.
  2. Many of my earlier lists highlight the back story.
    While also providing ideal notes for my slowly developing screenplay.
  3. We get so close, both figuratively and literally, to being more than just friends again.
    I want to move those few inches closer and kiss him.
  4. The problem is I'm a wimp.
  5. I don't want to wreck our friendship.
    We half jokingly talk about years into the future...But I know it's an unconventional friendship that's probably unsustainable. (Such as when one of us starts dating again)
  6. Sure, he could make the move, but last time he took forever.
    And I'm not convinced he would this time, assuming he'd want to. He's as insecure as me about such things!
  7. I think the signs are there? If this were a friend of mine, I'd tell them to go for it.
    But I'm a wimp.
  8. I'm spectacularly rusty, and far too good at overthinking these things.
    Somehow, I've never made a first move before. The one advantage to controlling exes?
  9. So, I need some pep talks.
    Some encouragement of why it's not that big a deal, and how it would be beneficial to find out.
  10. Help!
  11. (Obviously, if the right situation doesn't come up on Friday, I won't push the point. However, I've yet to see him without an opportunity or three arising)