1. I've ended up with a 'spare' PlayStation 4 after the deceased one came back to life. I don't trust it enough to sell it though.
    I reckon I'm going to give it to a friend who's fostering a teenager. They'll love it.
  2. I survived the anniversary of my dad's death fairly unscathed.
    I was a bit grouchy about stuff but there were no tears.
  3. I do, however, feel I need to change up some stuff in my life. Make it more interesting. Live a little.
    Even if it's just work from a coffee shop more often, rather than work from home all the time.
  4. I need to change up my gym routine too.
    I've plateaued but I'm not sure what's next. Maybe hire a trainer for a little while? Sounds scary though!
  5. And what the heck is going on with me and my ex?
    We've not talked since the weekend but I knew that would be the case as he preemptively apologised, but what is going on with all that?!
  6. Maybe I should throw myself back into online dating?
    Ugh, though. It's quite disheartening at times.
  7. Have I just considered too many big changes at once?
    Ahh, restlessness, you're so good at doing this.