All considered while laying on my bed feeling very tired.
  1. Not overthink anything.
    Yeah, right 😉
  2. Arrange an appointment with my doctor.
    Having spent literally all year with a cough, and a family history of asthma, I might have asthma. If I don't, I've definitely got something going on.
  3. Pitch more outlets for work.
    Work is a little quiet. It's my own fault due to running low on motivation and energy.
  4. Cook more.
    I've been cooking so badly and eating infrequently. This is a problem.
  5. Exercise more?
    Actually, maybe not. Not while I feel so rundown and I'm eating poorly. My energy can only go so far this week!
  6. Generally look after myself better.
  7. Well, I didn't overthink much. I went to my doctor (which was a very good idea). I pitched a little but I should have pitched more. I should have cooked more. I probably exercised enough (2 x gym sessions - both wore me out). I'll take it.