1. The Hamilton soundtrack.
    I know very little American History (I learnt about the early 20th century for my education, but otherwise I've learnt the rest from The West Wing), but plenty of people raved about this on Tumblr and Twitter, so I bought it. Wow. Shame I'll never get to see it live!
  2. Moulin Rouge soundtrack
    I picked this up cheaply recently. I'm mostly listening to Your Song and Come What May, but it's all pretty good. The film makes me cry too much, so it's the nearest I'm going to get to it any time.
  3. Tick Tick Boom - The Hives
    Forgot how much I love the energy of this song. Heard it again while watching 30 Minutes or Less, and had to buy it.
  4. Let's Go Fly a Kite - Saving Mr Banks version
    A steady favourite.
  5. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
    I should probably buy 1989 eventually, but this single will do for now.
  6. Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
    Cheesy, but a regular reminder of missed opportunities from my student days. Little bittersweet because of that, but it keeps me determined to not miss out on such romantic opportunities in future. Probably.