My Saturday

  1. Woke up and felt crappy mentally.
    Was it just a few days of sleeping badly catching up with me? Was I sick? Loneliness? Missing the ex? (Even though we've been texting a lot this week). Little bit of everything?
  2. Got up, grudgingly. Got some work done.
    I don't like working weekends but some stuff came up and it meant more money.
  3. Cried a little.
    What the hell? Didn't even feel like there was a 'proper' reason for it. (This GIF came up when I searched for crying. I'm not missing an opportunity for Will Gardner)
  4. Talked to my mum.
    Mums are pretty good at times like these. Or at least mine is!
  5. Went out window shopping for a tv.
  6. Came home and ordered a tv on Amazon.
    NOT an impulse buy! Something I've been considering for a number of months, and it worked out today.
  7. Watched Trevor Noah: African American.
    Good, if not great. He's definitely improved over the years.
  8. Had a bath.
    Lush stuff helps boost your mood. Honest.
  9. Started reading My Life in Parts - Bryan Cranston.
    It's really good so far.
  10. Watched the Graham Norton show.
  11. Ben Affleck is looking sad and tired.
  12. Ryan Gosling is looking pretty great.
  13. Moved onto ER and Studio 60.
  14. Hey, Carter!
  15. Hey, Danny!
  16. Fought off some dread and worry.
    I'm blaming loneliness.
  17. How do I get unlonely when all my friends are paired up and busy?
  18. I really should get a therapist. Probably.
  19. Put such thoughts aside.
    I'm tired and I'm pretty sure I'm sick or something.
  20. Hey, I've bought a new tv. Yay!
    Spending gratuitous sums of money probably isn't a long term solution...