This weekend has been eventful. Saturday was great. Sunday less so.
  1. My friend invited me to a BBQ at his place on Sunday.
  2. It's a partial leaving do as he's emigrating with his partner in 2 weeks.
  3. I don't like his partner.
    He's controlling, manipulative, violent, and doesn't pay his way.
  4. But, I went because my friend is moving soon and it's breaking my heart a bit.
    Also, he made a big point of inviting me.
  5. I got there and it was almost all the partner's friends.
  6. Turns out they're obnoxious.
  7. I suffered conversations where one proudly explained how he swore at a Jehovah Witness who was walking down the street.
  8. Another conversation where 4 of them were discussing how 'thick' and 'stupid' all call centre workers are, and different methods on how to abuse them verbally too.
    I used to work in a call centre. B, who's one of the most intelligent people I know, works in one. Regardless, I have manners and compassion!
  9. I stayed a couple of hours.
    Mostly to be polite for my friend. He spent a lot of time cooking or washing. But he found time to talk to me privately.
  10. When I told him I was going, he took me aside and we chatted for a while alone before I left.
    That 10 minutes was better than the whole thing!
  11. He didn't tell his partner I was leaving which was convenient.
  12. I drove home and cried a little as I went.
  13. I'll miss him fiercely when he moves. He's my oldest and closest friend.
    We have so much in common and so much history. I love when we talk a little about my dad. He was so fond of him and hardly anyone talks about him any more.
  14. I'd just about be ok if he was excited about moving - I could be excited for him - but he doesn't seem it.
    It's all about what the partner wants.
  15. Then I found out that he hasn't invited his sister or his parents to the BBQ.
    It was meant to be an open invite but they never got it. The partner's whole family was there.
  16. The partner seems to like to isolate him.
  17. And then I spent the night talking to B about it all.
  18. He was so interested and supportive and helpful.
  19. He's never met my friend but he knows how important he is to me.
    He's heard stories etc.
  20. And I'm thoroughly impressed by B's thoughtfulness.
    He could have just sympathised and left it. Instead he asked questions and provided advice.
  21. It meant a lot during an evening that could have been a little crappy.
  22. B has done good this weekend.
    Real good.
  23. I almost want to invite him to the leaving do for moral support!
    But that's probably too weird and crossing a line.
  24. Annnnd one of the awful people from the BBQ has started following me on Twitter.