Ohh, Joseph Gordon Levitt

  1. See, I've always liked Joseph Gordon Levitt.
  2. The dimples.
  3. The sad eyes.
  4. The charm.
  5. The intelligence.
  6. It's all hugely appealing.
  7. But then I started dating B. B looks quite like him.
  8. It's in the eyes.
  9. Then we broke up and that ruined Joseph Gordon Levitt for me.
    Because who wants to look at someone who reminds you of your ex, right?
  10. Now we're getting on great again (really great this past week actually), I can reclaim Joseph Gordon Levitt.
  11. It's still a little strange.
    Watching 50/50 made me cry a ton.
  12. But it's worth it.
  13. Because now I can watch lots of my favourite films again!
  14. This photo of JGL is a little freaky as B looks SO much like this. (Leaving me rather liking this look, of course)