Texting the ex boyfriend a supportive 'good luck with your scary medical tests tomorrow!' message. What emoji sums up 'I care and I'm worried you do have cancer but I want to be positive too'?
  1. 😃
    My usual emoji of choice. It's way too cheery for this occasion though. I'd just look hysterical.
  2. 😊
    How I usually 'smile' at him in a text. Also, too happy. Looks a bit smug too.
  3. 😬
    When are you even meant to use this emoji?!
  4. 😱
  5. 😫
  6. ☠️
    WTF? No.
  7. 👌
    Too frivolous.
  8. 😕 or 🙁
    No. Optimism is good, right?
  9. 🙂
    Perfect. Optimistic. Friendly. Caring. Simple.
  10. ❤️
    I'd have liked to have used this but also, no. Could have been misconstrued. (Ok, I'd have meant it)