1. I'm an only child
    Both my Mum and I nearly died when I was born because of medical incompetence. Technically, I was born 'dead' but was resuscitated.
  2. I was lucky
    It was practically certain that I'd have some health problems. Especially with my lungs. In the end, my lungs seem to have slightly lower capacity, but I've dodged everything. Including asthma.
  3. I was badly bullied
    When I was 5, I was bullied badly by both kids and teachers (yes, really) at school. I've got a scar on my eyeball to show for it.
  4. I was home educated
    My parents decided to teach me at home until it didn't work out any more. That lasted till I was 16.
  5. I hung around at the local university
    My Dad was a mature student while I was home educated. It meant I spent a lot of time around much older people.
  6. I'm attracted to intelligent, older men
    I'm pretty sure it's down to being around them so much during my formative years. Bonus points if they're wearing a suit.
  7. My childhood best friend taught me a lot
    Mostly that I'm blindly loyal to a fault with the people I care about. Also, she'd often let me down at the very last second. I got used to being treated as a consolation prize by her.
  8. My second childhood best friend taught me a lot too
    That even if you drift apart for a few years, you can meet up again and be stronger than ever.
  9. My Dad died suddenly in front of me at 5am one Saturday
    It utterly broke me. I'm slowly accepting that the rebuilt me can never be the same person from before. My brain just doesn't work like that any more.
  10. I'm self employed
    I have a great work ethic, despite wanting to be lazy still. It's down to being home educated and being used to motivating myself.
  11. I'm a carer
    I look after my Mum who's chronically ill. It's hard at times, but it also reminds me just how tough I can be.
  12. I overthink
    Everything has to be analysed. Even though I know you can turn the most wonderful thing bad if you think about it too hard.