1. So, when I went over to B's place on Monday, he offered me some food.
    With his medical stuff, he can just about eat if it's soft, and if he chews it lots.
  2. I apologised that I hadn't offered him food at my place.
    I felt a little bad. I love providing food for people!
  3. He said (no malice intended) - 'why would you?! I'm really difficult to bother cooking for!' then listed his allergies sorta dismissively.
    He didn't mean anything by it but I felt bad. Because he is worth 'bothering' to cook for, and I want him to know that.
  4. It now makes perfect sense that when we were dating, we went on this kind of picnic drive, and he was so pleased that I bought him a fruit salad that I knew he could eat.
    He seemed so psyched about it but I thought he was just being polite!
  5. Anyway, I want to prepare something simple and minimal hassle for when he comes over next time.
    I don't want it to be a big deal, so if he doesn't feel like eating, it's ok.
  6. What do I cook?
  7. He needs really soft food or liquids.
    He managed daal, for instance, but he needed to spend a while chewing it, even though it was bordering on lentil soup.
  8. He's allergic to -
  9. Dairy, eggs, nuts, soya, shellfish, and gluten.
  10. I know it's a ton of stuff.
  11. I'm thinking maybe soup of some kind?
  12. Help!