Because sometimes it's nice to ramble
  1. It turned into quite a nice day.
    I worked on my screenplay. I cleared out half my wardrobe. I still had plenty of time to relax too.
  2. This evening, it suddenly got really cold and my chest really didn't like that.
  3. A retching cough or two and the feeling my chest was a bit tighter, I grudgingly went upstairs to grab my 'rescue' inhaler.
    It did the job, even if my pride was dented.
  4. On the plus side, I talked to B a little.
  5. He's exhausted and 'brain dead' because he's reached the mid point in his 14 days straight of either working or doing his law course.
  6. He made the time to briefly chat to me and ask how I'm doing. I kept it light.
  7. I said I could send him 'motivational' GIFs and jokes to help him out tomorrow.
    He liked this idea. I liked it too because I'm trying to figure out the balance with being the supportive friend while also not inundating him with texts, you know? Keep it low maintenance while still showing I care.
  8. And he still said good night and to sleep well.
    And it finally occurred to me that I can't think of another friend that does that so frequently with me. I really like it.
  9. So now I'm wrapped up in bed. My chest has settled and I feel a little content.
  10. It won't last forever and this week might be messy but the little moments of contentment are very important, aren't they?