I've been going through a bit of a rough time lately, mental health wise. I hoped Father's Day passing would help but it hasn't quite done the trick. I'm going to think of three good things about each day for a while, no matter how small they may be! Hopefully, it'll help.
  1. My mum got the news that her heart issues have improved.
    One worry off the 'mum's health' list!
  2. I had to exchange some shorts because it turned out I've gone down a size. Yay!
    This may be due to eating badly and stress but sssh, it has its uses.
  3. The guinea pigs are steadily developing their own personalities, and it's adorable to see.
    Wolfie (full name - Wolf Pigster) has taken to letting me stroke her nose to say hi.
  4. I looked pretty good in my new clothes today.
    My hair was having a good day too.
  5. I got a parcel full of fun bath products to test out.
  6. The heatwave is slowly fading.
  7. Bluntly pointed out to B I won't be taking any more shots in case that's why he's been distant lately about meeting up. He kinda glossed over it and carried on asking me about other stuff. I'm counting that as a 'we're good'
    It's a bonus 4th thing for today because I'm trying not to allow my happiness to be affected by him!
  8. I talked to my mum about some stuff and mostly felt reassured about things.
  9. The weather cooled down enough to enjoy the good weather, rather than just melt 😉
  10. I picked up some unexpected last minute work.
    Well paid, easy, AND fun? Perfect!
  11. I bought the Baby Driver soundtrack ready for seeing it at the cinema next week.
  12. I joined the Labour Party (at last) in the hope of making a difference one day.
  13. Erm...oh wait! The existence of this photo of Bradley Whitford....and I can't upload the photo. Just take my word for it.
  14. Went out for brunch with my mum and ate a huge meal.
    I've eaten so badly this week. I'm pleased I had a huge plate of veg and other good stuff to replenish me!
  15. Watched Foo Fighters at Glastonbury and loved it.
    My favourite band.
  16. Talked to a friend about my anxiety issues and felt better for it.
    I've been reminded I can't help my loved ones if I'm an anxious mess, and to look after myself.
  17. Had a really interesting philosophical discussion with B via text.
    Not counted in the original 3 good things about today because it's B. Considering it as a bonus.
  18. Woke up with only minimal anxiety.
    First time it's been that minimal in the morning for about 2 weeks!
  19. Enjoyed watching YouTube videos of my favourite actor, and SNL clips.
  20. Cooked proper food for a decent dinner.
  21. Went to the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks.
    It was hard. I was tired. It hurt. I felt good. Endorphins are weird.
  22. An article I wrote was finally published today.
    Only a year after I submitted it!
  23. I spent the evening texting a few friends. Almost as good as actually seeing them.
  24. I finally removed the coffee stain on my bedroom carpet.
    Don't laugh, but I swear it was my greatest accomplishment of the day.
  25. I got to chat to a friend I haven't spoken to in ages.
    See 'sleep dialing' for how it happened.
  26. I burst out laughing at an Instagram comments thread filled with lines from friends I've had since childhood.
  27. Met up with a friend for coffee.
  28. Saw Baby Driver at the cinema.
    My favourite film of the year so far.
  29. Didn't feel anxious all day.
    I appreciate this is a blip because I had a busy and good day, but it's nice to be reminded it's possible!
  30. Woke up and didn't feel instantly anxious.
    This is a huge deal.
  31. Ate 2 and a half meals.
    Ok, one was a subway and kind of sucked but it's something!
  32. Spent plenty of quality time with my guinea pigs.
    Who are utterly adorable chew monsters.
  33. Gym session went well.
    Working on rebuilding my stamina.
  34. Opened up to my mum about things.
    She offered some worldly advice and made me feel better about things.
  35. Had a great lunch out at the regular place.
    Exceptional service by the manager who's more like a good friend now.
  36. Watched 50/50 and 500 Days of Summer.
    I'd forgotten what great films they are, albeit rather sad too!
  37. Didn't feel *too* anxious.
  38. Slept in a little longer than usual.
    Scraping the barrel, I know.
  39. I reminded myself that today was ok/quite nice and I shouldn't think ahead too far.
    It was oddly calming.
  40. I had a long and relaxing bath.
  41. I made a friend laugh a lot.
  42. The garden looks much better now I've paid professionals to do it for me.
  43. I slept quite well last night. Nearly 7 hours. No nightmares either!
  44. Aforementioned gardeners cost less than I feared.
  45. Bought new jeans. Super skinny jeans. There are advantages to stress based weight loss!
  46. Made an awesome burrito.
  47. Watched a great old episode of SNL.
  48. Got paid extra for a piece of work.
    That almost never happens!
  49. Ordered in pizza.
    Because I'm good at being irresponsible 😉
  50. Tentatively made plans to see B this weekend.
    First time since I kissed him. I've missed him.
  51. Tidied up and finally found a permanent home for my friend's extensive comic book collection.
    He's emigrating but has lent me them on 'long term loan'. I'm going to end up lugging them around for 30 years, aren't I?
  52. Found my old notebook from when I did my postgraduate degree.
    Wow, I was smart. And I've forgotten so much!
  53. Discovered a tasty shop bought sandwich/wrap.
    Tesco spicy bean wrap. I was impressed!
  54. Picked up some extra work.
  55. Had a long and lazy bath.
  56. Made plans for the weekend.