1. So, I met up with my ex again tonight. My friend? My ex? My, oh what exactly is he?!
  2. Feeling so much like a date, we met for late drinks.
    Soft drinks.
  3. For once, he was early and teased me for being 'late'
    He's never early.
  4. He'd sat at the table where we had our first date.
    I'm sure it was coincidence but wow!
  5. He looked good.
    Tired and too thin because of his ongoing health problems but good. Quick to laugh and smile. His eyes...ohh, those eyes. Easily my favourite physical attribute of his.
  6. We hardly stopped talking for the 2+ hours we were together.
    On the rare occasions that we did stop, we just looked at each other. Did I mention those eyes?
  7. We continued to find more about each other.
    First albums purchased, stories about each other's childhoods etc. Stuff we maybe should have talked about before.
  8. We talked about how he's super stressed about his campaigning for the council (and now general) election. How it's going badly and he's disheartened.
    I reminded him he should be proud of himself for trying. He seemed to like that. Honestly? I'm all ready to tell him how proud I am next week when he tanks at the election.
  9. He talked about the future.
    Nothing major. Just films we should see together. He's buying a movie tomorrow when he gets paid and suggested we could see it together.
  10. He's got a crazy week because he's going to a wedding later this week.
    He's best man and he needs to buy a suit for it. But he made the time to see me before he travels.
  11. When we said goodbye, he said he'd text me while he's away.
    I doubt he will. He's at his best friend's stag do then wedding! I'm fine if he doesn't. We're just friends...right?
  12. He suggested he might be around to do something next week. Depending on how canvassing goes.
    The election is next Thursday. I doubt he'll be around. Also, we're just friends, right? Just friends don't see each other so often, do they?
  13. I said he could come over and watch a movie on my shiny new 4K tv.
    He really liked that idea.
  14. He asked if his favourite film was available in 4K and suggested cheekily that I buy it so we could watch it together.
    If we were dating, sure! But we're not, are we?
  15. We hugged goodbye.
    It was a little longer than last time. Not long enough but I enjoyed stroking his back.
  16. Kudos to the bar playing a song with the chorus 'I don't know where we're going now'
    Just as I was watching him queue to buy drinks and thinking things I shouldn't think.
  17. Life is weird.
  18. He texted me in French this morning.
    Not my kryptonite. Not at all...