So, the ex/B came over this afternoon to watch some films.
  1. I was nervous.
    I really didn't need to be.
  2. Once he arrived, the nerves vanished.
  3. He apologised again for the timing miscommunication yesterday.
    He really didn't need to as I hadn't set a time either.
  4. We got settled on my bed to watch the first film - Independence Day.
    Because we both wanted explosions. Lots of them!
  5. About halfway through, he got cold.
    It's May. He was wearing a hoodie, and it's a warm day?!
  6. So, I pulled the blanket from under us, and we snuggled under it.
  7. I got a bit too warm admittedly. It was worth it.
  8. In no time, we gravitated towards each other.
    My bed is a decent size, unlike his sofa, but we used relatively little of that space.
  9. It was still arguably accidental, but not really.
    We leant against each other. Our legs and hands regularly brushed each other.
  10. Sam the cat appeared and really liked B.
    B liked him too.
  11. Sam decided to snuggle between us, creating distance.
    Thanks, Sam! 🙄
  12. Then he got bored and wandered off.
    Sam, not B!
  13. As soon as it was just us two, B moved back towards me, and we were soon back to effectively sharing body heat.
    Hurrah! (I'm a bit too warm by this point but it's worth it)
  14. We watched Point Break next.
    His favourite.
  15. He joked about my ex who thought quoting Top Gun at me (while we watched it together) was romantic.
  16. Then B started quoting Point Break to me.
    I didn't mind but he trying to be like my ex?! But better (obviously)
  17. He asked if I'd ever been to NYC.
    I said no but I've been saving to go but have no one to go with. (True)
  18. He said he'd go with me if he wasn't broke...
    We would have a great time, admittedly.
  19. We were very close when we talked.
    Only a few inches, giving me plenty of opportunity to look at his lovely eyes.
  20. I learned more his childhood.
    And I learned he seems to remember everything I tell him about my family?!
  21. He's lent me Point Break as we didn't finish it before he had to leave.
  22. Just before he left, he apologised again for the mix up yesterday.
    It's sweet but he really didn't need to.
  23. I should have kissed him at some point, shouldn't I?
  24. He spilled coffee on my white carpet and while cleaning it up, said ‘guess I’ve left an indelible mark in your life then!’
    Nearly forgot this borderline indie movie moment. Yes, B, I think you have.