Because you've got to vent somewhere, right?
  1. When Fidel Castro died
    Because we're both political nuts and he must have so much to say.
  2. When I read an article about Ken Loach.
    The last date involved a Ken Loach movie.
  3. When Benton got into trouble on ER
    We started watching the first season of ER together, while I'm on season 7 at home.
  4. Whenever Trump tweets.
    Because seriously.
  5. When I saw he was on Facebook at 3am 'liking' memes about having a rough week.
    I was online at 3am because I couldn't sleep because of the breakup. Why he couldn't sleep is up for debate.
  6. When a major work thing came through for me.
    He'd heard so much about it and been really impressed and enthusiastic for me. I wanted to share the moment.
  7. When, two days after posting it on Facebook, he 'liked' my major work thing.
    He never 'likes' what I post on Facebook. To do so after two days means he must have looked through my profile. I felt pleased he cared. And a little confused too.
  8. Just to say good night.