1. I'm seeing the ex again tomorrow.
  2. We're going to the cinema.
  3. There's nothing on that either of us are super excited about seeing.
  4. I'm going because I want to spend time with him.
  5. He's going because...presumably the same reason?
  6. I have no idea what we'll end up seeing.
  7. I'm already thinking about the goodbye.
  8. We'll hug. We always hug.
  9. Last time felt different to before. More lingering maybe? All down to him.
  10. Should I extend the length tomorrow?
  11. Or go in for a kiss on the cheek instead?
  12. Or do nothing and continue to wonder.
  13. I'm thinking invite him over to my place next time.
    Assuming there is a next time.
  14. This is the second time we're meeting up for the sake of meeting up, rather than because of a specific plan.
    That's got to mean something, right?
  15. We're not going to the cinema now because there's nothing either of us want to see. Late coffees at the place we had our first date.
    That's bordering on the definition of 'we just want to see each other' isn't it?