(Not to do with B although I am seeing him next week)
  1. So, I have this friend.
    We've been friends over 20 years, since we were kids. We used to live in the same street.
  2. He's been living with his boyfriend the past couple of years.
    I'd see them about once a month. It was always fun.
  3. The week before my birthday last year, we met up.
    Realising I didn't have any plans for my birthday, they suggested we do something that weekend.
  4. So, we had this plan for the whole day. We'd go for a long walk then have some food and watch some junk on Netflix.
  5. It was a disaster.
  6. The couple argued all morning and I was stuck in the middle.
  7. By lunch time, I ate a sandwich in their kitchen while they argued loudly upstairs.
  8. I went home shortly afterwards.
  9. I saw them a few days later as an apology of sorts. It sorta helped.
    Ever feel like you saw too much of someone's not so perfect relationship? It's not nice.
  10. A few weeks later, I found out via his sister that things are a lot darker and less nice.
    Really not nice. The kind of thing that made me switch to hating the partner.
  11. And then I didn't see them.
    Not over Christmas or when I went through the breakup with B and REALLY needed a friend or two.
  12. Until I saw my friend in February. On his own while his partner was away.
    We had fun, of course.
  13. The next possibility was over Easter. Two days in a row, I was asked if I had plans for that day at 7am.
    One day, I was working. The other day, I was seeing B. But really, talk about short notice!
  14. Fast forward to this week, I got invited to a BBQ. Yay, right?!
    By this point, I haven't seen my friend in 3 months, and his partner since October. Notably, when I realised things weren't so bright.
  15. He messaged me at 5.50pm today to check if I was still good for tomorrow.
    'Of course! What time?'
  16. He shared a thing on FB at the same time about how everyone is welcome to the BBQ.
    Yay! Party time!
  17. At 6.30pm (40 mins after the invite), he messages to say it's off. It's been a stressful week. Maybe some other time?
  18. WTF happened in those 40 minutes?!
  19. (I'm blaming the controlling and violent partner)
  20. Want to know the real kicker?
    They're moving to Sweden in 2 months time. I'm dreading finally losing my dear friend to this waste of space.