1. My daughter, so in love with Hat Lamb.
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  2. My daughter in her rec specs after the last game of her first basketball season.
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    Clearly feeling like a baller.
  3. I make cookies for my daughters' birthdays.
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    And therefore I am carrying on the birthday tradition my mom did for my sisters and me, with the same cookie cutters.
  4. My Mother's Day card last year.
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    "And you are very tired."
  5. Beach Life.
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    Truro. Sand. Kids frolicking. Beach reading.
  6. Arizona.
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    We drove across the country last summer and the sky was so BIG and everything was so COLORFUL and I'm already starting to forget how that felt.
  7. She's trying field hockey.
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    And she's out there like, "What on EARTH am I doing?"
  8. Reading while they wait for dinner time.
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    Books, books, books! Eat 'em up, ladies!
  9. Disney World.
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    I don't know that it's really the happiest place on earth, but it's pretty flippin' happy.
  10. Frankie.
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    One of the new tiny kittens who lives with us, just like a dollop of calico on top of a throw blanket.
  11. Utah.
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    More road tripping. It was so BEAUTIFUL and now it's cold and I wish I was wearing cut off shorts and Birkenstocks instead of a winter hat.