OCTOBER 21, 2015

Things, places and stuff I find interesting in my world today
  1. Back to the future
  2. Product Hunt
    https://www.producthunt.com learned about it yesterday and I'm hooked. It lead me to this app.
  3. Two Dots
    Beautiful minimalist game for those that love things like Tetris. Obsessed. http://weplaydots.com/twodots.html
  4. Not driving
    But not loving the train delay and being late.
  5. Teaching
    Then grading mid-terms!
  6. Obsessing over this app.
  7. Leap Kit
    Looks like an amazing roadmap to make positive changes in your life. Back it on Kickstarter. http://leapkit.com
  8. Killer weather.
    Chicago, you are the very best right now and I take back everything bad I've ever said about you in the previous 39 Februarys.
  9. Evening
    Awesome chat with the 6yr old, fangirling that @bjnovak commented on my list, planning tomorrow's tattoo session, video chat with the parents. Wine.