Today's items of interest
  1. This list of must listen podcast episodes
  2. Graded all the midterms!!!🙌🎉
  3. New ink
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    Added into my right sleeve. Husband symbols- Calla lily was our wedding flower and he's a vinyl junkie.
  4. Snack
    Pimento cheese spread, grilled bread and beer flight. 👌
  5. Dinner
    At our post ORD pick up go-to spot. Mike's home!!
  6. In a flurry of small world-ness, I happened to be listening to a CD in the car that had been in the changer for a while, and I didn't know who it was. I got hooked on this super catchy song, and thought, you know who would love this song, Meghann. Then I found the case to see who it was and turns out, it was actually her. So yeah, I bet she likes that song, since she wrote it. Then, the next time I look at The List App, I see she has joined and followed me. It's like Meghann day over here.