1. "Eughh, Elbow. Elbow, Elbow, Elbow. Should I get an Elbow CD? Probably. And The Killing and Mad Men, and an iPad. God, why won't everyone leave me alone?"
  2. "Yes! A ditch. I should burrow further and further into the earth like the worm that I am"
  3. "War makes people horny. Yalta. Yalta was hardcore. Stalin and Roosevelt sandwich. Churchill sat on the side, wanking"
  4. "Apparently the yellows like to mix it up a bit. Chuck a ball bearing in the paintball pot to make things interesting"
  5. "You are not pooing in the bunker, Mark"
  6. "The charge of the shit brigade"
  7. "They think I'm a drugged up scumbag. They're all the same, the yellows. The empire, we're 22 carat Ewok. We should get one of them in here, take a knife to him"
  8. "You don't mean a real knife? You mean a...paint knife?"
  9. "I think the truth is, basically, I've been bored since 9/11"
  10. "This is bad. I've done a lot of bad shit but falling in love with her is the worst, or at least the most recent bad thing I've done"
  11. "I'm gonna Jackson Pollock these motherfuckers"
  12. Right, into the bunker to save Eva Braun and cockblock the Führer"
  13. "This is Vietnam! Drugs, breakdown in military order. All we need now is The Doors. The Doors! Now I remember another band!"