Jessica Jones launched on Netflix a few days ago. It's the second marvel series on Netflix after Daredevil, and it's really freaking good.
  1. Remember how awesome Daredevil was? Yeah.
  2. It's run by Melissa Rosenberg who wrote some episodes of Dexter, Ally McBeal, and, uhhhh, the Twilight films.
    We all make mistakes
  3. The EPs and directors have worked on basically every good show in the last 20 years
  4. I haven't read the comics but people who have work on the show so it's probably close to them?
  5. Krysten Ritter is Jessica and look how lovely she is
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  6. You're not looking
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  7. JJ is awesome and has superpowers and shit. She's hilariously strong and can jump over a house. She's also an enormous badass who wears leather jackets and drinks like a sailor. (Is that a saying?)
  8. So I feel like she has the powers of Captain America, works like Sherlock, and a personality like Lisbeth Salander.
  9. Why haven't you started watching it yet?
  10. David Tennant plays the villain, the Purple Man.
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    He was Doctor Who, remember? The floppy brown haired chap who isn't Matt Smith.
  11. Purple Man can control people's minds and has a very deep history with Jessica, which the show revolves around.
  12. He's also, and I say this truthfully, one of the most powerful and terrifying villains I can remember in a TV show.
    Better than Fisk in DD.
  13. Seriously, why are you still reading this list? It's on Netflix.
  14. Jessica still lives with the trauma of her past with him. Their strengths and flaws work so well together. They're like batman and the joker.
    Maybe I'm wrong but there seems to be a running theme of domestic abuse, and how to cope with it?
  15. There's so much freaking diversity!!
    I counted like three white dudes?
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  17. Luke Cage is there!! His skin is basically indestructible, and he's the subject of the next marvel Netflix series.
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    Sidenote: how awesome is that picture
  18. Episode 7 is possibly the best hour of TV I've seen this year.
  19. The theme tune has a funny 80s guitar solo.
  20. It's over. Go watch.