400 Longfellow Lane, Columbia, Missouri
  1. It's perfect for a couple with two or three kids.
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    There are four bedrooms!
  2. All of the bathrooms are renovated.
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    There are two and a half bathrooms in the house.
  3. The kitchen is awesome and renovated.
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    Cherry cabinets and a copper backsplash. It's awesome.
  4. The basement has all the potential you want to put into it.
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    Or you can do what we did with it and let the kids own that space.
  5. A private, fenced-in backyard.
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    You barely know you have neighbors when the leaves are full. And the deck in the back is huge.
  6. Mature trees that keep the yard shaded.
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    Growing up, I dreamed of a house with huge trees. They come with this house!
  7. Beautiful built-in cabinets in the dining room.
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    The cabinets make this a really special room.
  8. A huge living room.
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    It fits our baby grand. You can see when you tour the house.
  9. New roof and high efficiency heating and air conditioning.
    The heating and cooling unit comes with a 10 year warranty that starts when you take ownership.
  10. A two car garage.
    Everyone dreams of those!
  11. It's waking distance to a great elementary and middle school.
    Russell Boulevard Elementary and West Middle School
  12. This house is near some of the best neighbors you can imagine.
    They are incredibly caring and supportive. I was so lucky to live on the same street with this great group of people for 13 years.
  13. It's only $195,900.
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    Grab this steal of a house. You won't regret it.