I travel at least once a month. And I've noticed some habits I've picked up before a trip.
  1. All the laundry
  2. Attempt to get all the laundry put away
  3. Sweep the hardwoods
  4. Check the weather ahead of arriving to my destination
  5. Try to think of what I'll wear two days in advance
  6. Grocery shop for the family with easy to make food
  7. Check the school calendars to see if I'm missing anything and if there's a way for Randy to attend.
  8. Coordinate childcare needs (no nanny for us until the old house gets sold)
  9. Pack at least 6 hours before I leave (I'm famous for starting at 10pm with a 5am flight)
  10. Write a note to each of the two kids to read when they wake up the first morning I'm gone
  11. Always remember I forgot to pack something as I drive to the airport