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Guess what I got for Christmas? The worst cold ever!
  1. Puffs Plus. They're only marginally better than regular tissues, as evidenced by my chapped nose.
  2. L'Occitane Ultra Rich Cream, for the aforementioned nose. I hope it's not clogging my pores.
  3. A Crane cool-most humidifier. This thing has been running at max for 48 hours. It deserves a medal.
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  1. How does The Land of Make Believe support a school, a library, and free, on-demand public transportation? It has, like, eight businesses and only a few residents. That's not a very stable economic base.
  2. Just now, I was able to rattle off all the business in town. Oh god, this is where all my brain power has gone. (The grocery, The Neighborhood Restaurant, the cafe, the bakery, the doctor's office, Music Man Stan's, the clock factory, and Mr McFeely's Speedy Delivery Service, which I assume is a private entity.)
  3. Maybe the school is private, and the parents are all shelling out crazy tuition?
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