Guess what I got for Christmas? The worst cold ever!
  1. Puffs Plus. They're only marginally better than regular tissues, as evidenced by my chapped nose.
  2. L'Occitane Ultra Rich Cream, for the aforementioned nose. I hope it's not clogging my pores.
  3. A Crane cool-most humidifier. This thing has been running at max for 48 hours. It deserves a medal.
  4. A thermos of hot honey-lemon water. Because I'm not going down to the kitchen every time I need a refill.
  5. Mug, for said water
  6. Mucinex. My first time using it, and it totally works. 5/5, would recommend.
  7. Extra strength Tylenol. Because blowing my nose hurts my head.
  8. Smith Bros. Wild Cherry Throat Drops. Tasty, and with cool packaging!
  9. One box of Ritz crackers, now empty. I was hungry.
  10. Laptop, phone, and related chargers. I am bored.
  11. Two dachshunds. They love me, and as an added bonus, they're warm.