1. How does The Land of Make Believe support a school, a library, and free, on-demand public transportation? It has, like, eight businesses and only a few residents. That's not a very stable economic base.
  2. Just now, I was able to rattle off all the business in town. Oh god, this is where all my brain power has gone. (The grocery, The Neighborhood Restaurant, the cafe, the bakery, the doctor's office, Music Man Stan's, the clock factory, and Mr McFeely's Speedy Delivery Service, which I assume is a private entity.)
  3. Maybe the school is private, and the parents are all shelling out crazy tuition?
  4. But really, how much money is Dad Tiger making at the clock factory?
  5. Why does Mom Tiger always wear scrubs, even on date night? For that matter, why do she and Baby Margaret wear pants, while Dad and Daniel are sans pants, their tiger bits flapping in the breeze.
  6. X the Owl sounds like Flanders from Simpsons.
  7. Exactly what kind of monarchy do they have? King Friday must be a constitutional monarch, since there's never mention of a mayor.
  8. Queen Sara never gets any lines. She's probably heavily medicated in order to put up with King Friday.
  9. After Miss Elaina goes to bed, Lady Elaine and Music Man Stan toke up and listen to old vinyl. Henrietta Pussycat occasionally comes over and stares into space, a vacant smile on her face.
  10. Why doesn't the Tiger family eat everyone else? I guess in The Land of Make Believe, tigers are no longer apex predators?
  11. When Mom Tiger had Margaret, she went to Dr. Anna. This makes Dr. Anna both an MD and a vet. She looks good for someone who's been in school that long.
  12. Edited to add: is this some custom Fendi baguette action on Mom Tiger's arm? SERIOUSLY HOW MUCH DOES THE CLOCK FACTORY PAY??