1. Because look at them here, near the beginning, just two cool New York people and she is wearing heeled silver sandals with black tights and he is just like oh I'm hot but have something in my teeth
  2. Because they existed in a time before Internet gossip sites and reality TV and elevator camera tapes on TMZ and even though they were constantly photographed, the images feel more pure, less staged
  3. I mean and also like they were really in love
  4. Really drape my body all over you in love
  5. Even far away pap photos show realness, both good
  6. And bad (also this is what fights look like irl, one person exhausted by fight, needing to sit down, the other still going)
  7. Because even though he was JFK, Carolyn had her own cool and surprising NY life
  8. And then they got married on like an island in Georgia by candlelight in a tiny wooden chapel and invited like 5 people and she wore THIS dress that I still think about and it was so good and the best
  9. Remember how they were always looking cute and walking their dog?
  10. But then things started to change and she got super skinny and super blonde and looked scared all the time
  11. And they looked more stressed and less happy and there were cheating rumors and drug use rumors and one report that says the reason they were late leaving for that fatal flight was bc she was being really particular about a pedicure but who knows
  12. She was still one of the reasons I wanted to move and moved to New York because she made living there look beautiful and chic and alive and amazing and like anything could happen