I'm an Italian American kid from blue-collar Philly. I lived in NYC for 12 years. In LA now and sometimes can't believe what I've become🌴🌞
  1. "Wait is coconut meat super fattening or not"
    The horrifying discovery that my Moon Juice cold-pressed coffee and coconut shake is probably as bad as a Birthday Cake Frappuccino.
  2. "He's just like really into AcroYoga" [shows Instagram vid]
    To be fair, this was my east coast friend Jon reporting on an LA party he'd been to the night before
  3. "So it's just the tips of baby goats' horns that are supposed to have all the nutrients"
    Also a report from Jon
  4. "Are you guys all booked for the Aura Photo day?"
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    I want an aura photo. I can't handle myself.
  5. "I know you were looking for the perfect Vita-Mix recipe. I have it. It's kale and..."
  6. "Omg I need this sweatshirt"
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    I didn't buy it. My sister was weird about it and then I felt self-conscious and lame (EAST COAST VIBES)
  7. "It's freezing" [60 degrees]