1. He saw her in a movie and said " I am going to marry that woman" before they ever met
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  2. Then they met and courted and she played hard to get but then they got married but she could not live up to the myth of herself and was insecure and ultimately she loved him more than he loved her and he pulled away and she became needy and clingy and he pulled away more and you know how it goes
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  3. She tried to hold onto him, she even supported his obsession with magic and participated in his magic shows
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  4. Welles wanted to be a politician and move to DC and leave Hollywood behind and Hayworth was like "hell yes"
  5. But it never happened
  6. Welles advised Hayworth on a number of financial decisions and all that advising was bad and she was broke a lot because of it. He was an artist and not great with money and this was part of why she loved him (the artist not the $$ part)
  7. Because of his poor financial planning/generally being a financial eff up, Welles had to make "Lady of Shanghai" with Hayworth while they were estranged. At her urging he moved in with her during the shoot, but they didn't reconcile
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  8. Instead they made a crazy (great) movie
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  9. They never got together again and went on to marry other people and live complicated sad weird lives that made their children pretty much messed up. Here is an ad Welles appeared in with their daughter Rebecca
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  10. The night before he died Orson talked about Rita in an interview, reminiscing that she was a sweet person.
  11. This has always seemed not sweet to me, but patronizing
  12. But that does not stop me from falling into Welles/Hayworth Google holes on the regular
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