A +++ weekend!
  1. Bowled with my co-workers on Friday during happy hour
    + learned that there is a bowling alley in DTLA and that a man dressed up as bowling pin greets you as you walk in
  2. Was driven around in Ubers with rainbows
    Love wins!
  3. Saw 'Dope'
    It was and is dope and I have been thinking about it a bunch since, maybe particularly the style
  4. Went to see the amazing Sister Corita exhibit in Pasadena
    Go see this! Her work is all kinds of inspiring and striking and make-you-think
  5. Watched 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
    uggghhh. I laughed and then I was like oh wait 2.5 hours of your life for this isn't that funny. Dakota Johnson is pretty and pretty good though
  6. Got my aura photo taken
    See my list number 20 or something when I made fun of myself for wanting this
  7. Went to see 'Inside Out'
    *cried for basically two hours because I'm hyper-emotional and also a mom and this movie hits every button you could be hit in with that profile (and is also great)
  8. Watched this sunset with my husband and daughter