Pretty lame food day actually
  1. 6:30am start off the same way every day that I'm not traveling: Yerba mate tea with honey and half and half
    Have read mixed things about Yerba mate and am convinced it's either fine or going to give me a stroke
  2. 9:30 handful of car cashews
  3. 9:50 espresso/coconut milk/coconut meat shake (their term, not mine) with dates maybe? from Moon Juice
    I actually dislike Moon Juice and think it's sterile and weird and juice cult-y but it's on my way to work
  4. 1:15pm Lunchtime. Ravenous, but ate so horribly this weekend decide to head to Cabbage Patch in DTLA and get salmon and vegetables with a mint iced tea
  5. 2:00 start sipping on a "canyon greens" juice I got from Moon Juice in the morning that is very bitter and green and actually gross
  6. 4pm still sipping on juice
  7. 6pm throw rest of juice away. Gross
  8. 6:25pm car cashews on ride home
  9. 7pm Dinner! Husband made turkey chili and gluten-free cornbread. Eat two helpings of chili with diced avocado on top
  10. 7:24 eat another giant chunk of cornbread while putting away
  11. 8:30 deciding between tea or booze for TV watching
    Will probably have tea because Monday