We survived our first @hellogiggles fire drill!
  1. Came up with names for witches
  2. Admired our fire warden Diva's orange vest
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  3. Brushed dust off each other's clothes (not from fire, stairwell was dusty)
  4. Took cute selfies
  5. Wrote HG stories on our phones
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  6. Said things like "This is when I feel like a child"
  7. Made observations like "It's really windy"
  8. Asked fire warden Diva when we could go back in
  9. All confessed that we wanted to stay in the office but we're afraid of getting @Penny mad bc of the fine
  10. realized that the idea of taking the stairs depressed us & @shaunguckian really does take great photos
    Suggested by @sophia